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Protecting the environment and fostering social development
Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

We work on developing sustainable power projects with the utmost care and respect for the environment, undertaking thorough environmental and social impact studies for each project before any work commences. Abiding with the IFC and World Bank performance standards at all times, we commission independent environmental and social impact studies to ensure that our solutions are designed to reduce any harmful impact on the environment and maximize sustainability.

Environmental Commitment

  • Protect the environment and society when undertaking corporate functions and developing projects.

  • Implement a systematic approach to identify, mitigate and reduce environmental aspects arising from our corporate activities.

  • Comply with all applicable national and international environmental and social regulations/standards.

  • Build a capable, transparent and accountable organization that complies with and supports ethical governance practices.

  • Implement the necessary measures to ensure effective and efficient E&S performance of our assets from a project cycle perspective

  • Integrate environmental and socioeconomic aspects into corporate decision-making in the project design at inception

  • Our commitment extends to all parties involved in the development of our power assets, including the core supply chain

Environmental Development