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Enabling socioeconomic growth through community driven initiatives
Social Development

Social Impact

Providing electricity for households and local businesses is key to alleviating poverty and reducing wealth inequality. We are committed to social development in the communities and markets where we operate, not only through the generation of affordable energy, but also by creating jobs in local markets through our energy developments. Our projects deliver affordable power to villages and rural communities where this impact is greatest.

Access Foundation

Access Foundation

The Access Foundation was born out of a recognition that holistic community growth initiatives are fundamental to the success of sustainable power project development. Driven by the conviction for sustainable power generation to alleviate poverty we aim to inspire sustainable development through cultivating trust-building and lasting partnerships with our host communicates.

"Transforming livelihoods in emerging markets through sustainable electrification initiatives"

Focus Areas of the Access Foundation

  • Education

    Supporting the development of robust educational facilities designed to improve the learning conditions of students in our project-affected communities. Through an active consultation process with our local partners, our efforts are tailored around the needs of each community.

  • Electrification

    Transforming livelihoods in emerging markets through sustainable electrification initiatives. Our priority is to ensure that communities are not left in the dark. We aim for our local stakeholders to become energy beneficiaries in areas where Access Power operates.

  • Clean Water

    A healthy community is a thriving community. We strive to live up to this standard by developing safe access to water in project-affected areas. This goal is carried out using community-driven approaches and best practices, including training programs on sustainable water use.